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Fat Transfer

Brazilian Butt Lift by Dr. Mel Ortega

Brazilian Butt Lift is a technique that has found great popularity. The term is catchy and in reality represents the actual transfer of fat harvested from other sites of the body and inserted into the buttocks for purposes of augmentation or enlargement. This enlargement indirectly causes a lifting effect of the buttocks without the need to actually cutting or lifting the buttocks with incisions or removal of skin.

I began using this technique to originally correct deformities of the buttocks from injections given during childhood or from poorly performed Liposuction of the body. This was in the mid-1990’s so I have long term follow-up patients that have proven the durability of the technique. Having seen these patients over the years is the most compelling testimonial to its permanence.

The Technique

Fatty tissue is harvested using liposuction where the fat is collected in sterile containers and then subsequently transferred to large syringes for later use injecting the buttocks in areas where the surgeon has designated being in need of filling up. The amount placed depends on the desires of the patient, the looseness of the buttocks tissue and specific deficiencies which may be present in certain areas which are marked pre-operatively.

The fat is layered in fine tunnels throughout the whole layer of subcutaneous tissue of the buttock. Some surgeons will even place the fat into the gluteus muscles to increase the amount of augmentation obtained at the time of surgery. This is not a practice of mine and I actually find it to be a dangerous practice. There have unfortunately been cases where patients either develop life threatening Fat Embolism Syndrome or die as a result of injecting fat into vascular tissue such as muscle. For that reason I believe that this practice is too risky to attempt no matter how desirous the patient may be for a large derrier. You can always perform a second session of fat transfer if the patient still desires greater enhancement.

The convalescence is actually quite unremarkable except for the need to avoid sitting on the buttocks for at least one week in order for the fat grafts to become fixated and stabilized . this allows the transferred tissue to remain viable and improves the percentage of graft survival( between 60-80%).After one week, the patient resumes their usual routine with the exception of strenuous exercises. After a month,all activities are resumed. I always advise the patient that the final volume stabilizes by one to two months. Use of remodeling girdles is mandatory in order to compress the treated areas of liposuction and ensures a good outcome. Use of post-operative lymphatic mechanical drainage massage helps hasten the recovery and is encouraged but does add to the total cost as these treatments are considered optional.

The areas to be treated with liposuction are determined at the time of initial consultation and may include the whole abdomen, flanks, full back, posterior arms, and thighs. These areas are chosen depending on the aesthetic needs of the patient as well as the need for the volume necessary to achieve the buttock enhancement determined by myself with the patient in consultation.

Other areas for fat transfer such as facial, breast, hands and even in areas of irregularities in other parts of the body may also be done at the same time. Many times, the amounts of fat removed by liposuction exceed the amounts needed for the BBL. Rather than wasting the fat, we encourage the patient to be proactive as these tissues have stem cells contained in addition to the fat cells. Today there is stem cell research being performed using the cells obtained by liposuction. These cells may ultimately allow doctors and scientists to use these cells in the management of congenital or degenerative diseases where these cells can provide the production of substances such as growth factors and even specialized cells.

Today, fat transfer is a well established and safe alternative to body enhancement without the need for implants. They are permanent and long lasting. You do have to take care not to overindulge as this area becomes enlarged if the person puts on a lot of weight The transferred fat cells still retain their original characteristics which includes the ability to enlarge if the patient ingests more calories than they utilize. It is very popular as the buttocks have become a major focal point in today’s fashion and culture. There are many celebrities who have accentuated and attractive buttocks and are the inspiration for many patients seeking similar looks.

Fat Transfer
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