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Dr. Mel Ortega, Plastic Surgeon - Biography

Mel Thomas Ortega, M.D. FACS

Dr. Mel T. Ortega has practiced in the South Florida area for over twenty five years .He has been a major influence in the local plastic surgery scene since he returned here in the early 90’s, having completed his plastic surgery training in Galveston Texas University of Texas Medical Branch.

Dr. Mel Ortega is a board certified in Plastic Surgery although he has dedicated his time practicing medicine to the reconstructive and aesthetic surgical arts. Having focused his efforts in the cosmetic field, he has pioneered or helped advance the modern techniques of plastic surgery using his unique perspective of the human form, as he is also an accomplished painter.

Of particular note, Dr.Ortega has been a leader in the Fat grafting for both cosmetic enhancements (facial, hand, Buttock, calf, Breast, female external genitalia), as well as for the correction of acquired/congenital deformities (mastectomy/Poland Syndrome).

His dominion of Fat and massive weight loss patient reconstruction methods has made him one of the preferred choices for patients with these needs both local and abroad.

He continues to stay ahead of all the emerging trends of aesthetic surgery and medicine and also encourages the patients to pursue healthy lifestyle choices including the use of anti-aging medicine treatments.

He is a dedicated father to Thomas, Emma and Jasmine. He plays an integral and active role in their upbringing on a daily basis.

With what little time he has remaining he pursues his hobbies of art and music and currently is mastering the electric guitar (his fantasy is to become a rock guitar god of the likes of Hendrix, Clapton or Slash).

He is affiliated with ibody Aesthetics as a medical director.

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